Our HR Culture


We adopt a working model that makes a difference to adapt to global change and transformation and aims to provide a unique experience to our customers with a focus on quality. On the basis of this, we attach importance to a people-oriented approach and believe that all our employees are the source of this success.

Our Human Resources Policies and Practices

  • The basis of our Human Resources Policy; It has been established with principles and approaches that do not constitute a violation of human rights such as ethnic origin, language, religion, age, marital status, political opinion, gender discrimination, disability and give importance to differences.
  • The rights of our employees and occupational health and safety are our priority.
  • We attach importance to recruiting employees who are experts in their jobs, open to continuous improvement, giving importance to quality and focused on results.
  • We implement effective human resources policies to increase employee satisfaction, motivation and corporate loyalty.
  • We support all kinds of vocational training and continuous development of our employees, and implement plans that will enable this.
  • We use transparent and measurable performance management to reward and encourage success.
  • We provide our employees with equal opportunities in every platform of the business environment.
  • We ensure that the work-life balance is maintained for all employees of our company.