Compression Tester

Density Measuring Tester

MFI Fluidity Measurement Tester

Ash Determination Measurement Tester

Drying Oven Tester

Hardness Tester Microscope

Precision Balance

Laser Temperature Measuring Device

Electricity Usage Meter


With 3D CAD models prepared according to your needs, we help you reduce production risks by performing basic stress analyzes such as stress, vibration and bending on products and assemblies. We can perform this type of analysis on both individual parts and assemblies. After the analysis process is performed, the following types of outputs can be obtained: - Analysis reports containing detailed and visual material are created regarding the analysis, - Animations are created optionally, in which instant position and stress distributions of the part can be observed within the defined environment. - Recommended different material type, model parameters etc. By making analyzes within the options, it is possible to reveal the optimum fit design model.